Dear colleagues,

    The “International Society of Quality Medicine (ISoQM)”, is organizing a multidisciplinary medical symposium under the general title: DEALING WITH AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES2nd INFLAMMATION JOINT MEETING: RHEUMATOLOGY BRINGS JOINTS, DERMA, GASTRO, CANCER, to be held in Cambridge, England on 21-24/11 / 2019, at Gonville & Caius College, University of Cambridge.

    The focus of the above event will not only be to refresh our practical approach to prevention, but also to share knowledge on differential diagnosis development and contemporary therapeutic options available for specific morbid conditions due to autoimmune diseases.

    Hence, this 2nd Joint International Meeting aims to present innovative new ideas which could lead to medical developments on appropriate diagnosis and effective medical treatment of autoimmune problems.

    In particularly, it is a platform for discussion on research medical results between specialized doctors of allied fields, targeting a Quality Treatment Practice and subsequently the Quality of Life of our patients. In simpler terms, we expect participants to indulge in fruitful discussions and knowledge exchanges between medical personnel as such as rheumatologists, gastroenterologists, dermatologists, oncologists, internal medicine specialists, psychiatrists, etc., leading to the improvement of patient follow-up outcomes.

    The Organizing Committee and us we are honoured to invite you to the above symposium and we are looking forward to welcoming all the delegates, medical students, researchers, and healthcare givers to the fabulous most visited city of Cambridge that has been chosen as a venue destination.

    We are sure that your participation will make this meeting a stimulating, enjoyable and unforgettable event!

    Cordially yours

    Vidalis Athanasios MD, PhD 
    “International Society of Quality Medicine”
    Tronzas Panagiotis MD, PhD
    “Scientific Society of Muskuloskeletal Health”  

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