Preliminary Program


    • Flares in systemic lupus erythematosus: diagnosis, risk factors and preventive strategies
    • The role of communication between patient and physician in the management of chronic diseases
    • The effect of vitamin D on rheumatic diseases activity
    • Rehabilitation interventions for patients with musculoskeletal diseases
    • Advances in therapy of GCA: the role of biologics
    • Psychological distress and pain
    • The link between inflammation and depression
    • What Are the latest advances in IBD therapy?


    The role of TNF in cancer

    • Inflammation in cancer: friend or foe
    • Risk of malignancy in rheumatoid arthritis patients
    • Rheumatic disorders as comorbidity in cancer patients

    Rheumatoid arthritis outcome

    • Depression and social deprivation
    • Exercise as medicine in RA
    • Does obesity influence RA outcomes?
    • Delay in treatment: Reasons and perspectives
    • The transition of pediatric patients with rheumatic diseases to adult rheumatologists
    • Predictors of drug-free remission

    Rheumatoid arthritis therapy

    • Improving and maintaining the response
    • Corticosteroid bridging strategies
    • Anti-TNF: Old drugs now but still full of promises
    • Switching from the first anti-TNF agent: Is still a question?
    • New molecules and new strategies
    • Innovative treatments for a better quality of life
    • Dose tapering and discontinuation of biological DMARDs and non-biological DMARDs in RA

    Psoriatic Arthitis:  Biologicals and  Co-morbidities 

    • The changing therapeutic landscape of PsA
    • Dealing the flares of PsA
    • The new psoriasis targeted therapy
    • Endocrinology and psoriasis
    • Tapering in PsA and psoriasis

    Axial Spondyloarthritis

    • Challenges for an early diagnosis
    • The progression of structural damage
    • Peripheral and extra-spinal manifestations
    • The treatment effect on structural progression
    • Tapering in axial disease

    The care of Gout

    • What are gout guidelines good for?
    • The role of the Mediterranean diet in hyperuricemia and gout
    • Improving adherence in gout therapy

    Osteoporosis and Sarcopenia

    • Why does BMI matter?
    • Osteoporosis and sarcopenia: Two diseases or one?
    • Lifetime course of muscle and bone wasting
    • Role of nutrition and physical exercise in the prevention of bone and muscle wasting
    • Advances in the management of osteoporosis


    • Advances in treatment of osteoarthritis
    • Physical activity in people with osteoarthritis
    • Chronic knee osteoarthritis: Aiming at pain management

    Reproductive issues

    • Oestrogens, immune response and autoimmune diseases
    • Hormonal treatment in patients with different autoimmune rheumatic diseases
    • Managing the rheumatologic disorders during pregnancy


    • Dimensions of health: What are the implications for the management of people with arthritis?
    • Physical, mental health and well-being
    • Frailty: What's been done and what needs doing
    • How yeast can inform us about healthy aging
    • Reduced activity accelerates sarcopenia and leads to metabolic dysfunction in aging
    • Ageing is the major risk factor associated with disability in patients with rheumatic diseases
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